Following the success of our much lauded 2019 Year in Review, we knew it would be highly useful to continue this trend.

We recognize and sympathize that this has been frustrating for much of the labor market. That being said:

  • 2021 looks

RezScore found some of the most ambitious job seekers from all around the country, enthusiastic hiring managers, and a notable guest speaker to hold its first ever virtual career fair amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The career fair opened with an introduction by RezScore’s founder, Gerrit Hall. From there, participants were…

Watch our interview with Claude Burns, an Inc 500 Entrepreneur at Office Libations and graduate of the US Naval Academy and MIT Sloan School of Management.

His food/bev startup was one of the first impacted by the COVID-19 situation, and he joined us to share his insights.

  • 4:20 What is the future for teleconferencing
  • 6:06 His quickly launched startup to address the new situation
  • 8:57 Metrics for this new launch
  • 10:30 Inspiration based on military service
  • 11:30 Paralysis vs Action amidst chaos
  • 15:46 Perspectives from clients
  • 18:26 Are political responses likely to be effective
  • 21:37 Estimating GDP consequences
  • 26:44 Filtering out news
  • 28:36 Other opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • 32:13 “Don’t Quit”

Jennifer Bangoura is a career coach who joined to discuss the following topics:

  • 3:38 Lessons from Close of Services (COS) workshop for volunteers returning from overseas
  • 6:03 Moving from the non-profit to for-profit sector
  • 8:09 Skills gaps between non-profit and…

Watch our interview with Craig Zelizer, former Georgetown professor and founder of PCDN

Recorded before the CoronaVirus outbreak, much of the conversation on Future of Work aged very well.

  • 6:50 How has PCDN’s mission evolved
  • 9:00 Non-profits vs. Social Enterprises
  • 12:15 Best practices for grant applications
  • 15:25 Exploration and visioning about the future of work
  • 19:59 “The average millennial could easily have 8–14 jobs in their lifetime”
  • 25:20 Talent Stacking
  • 26:07 Digital Nomadism/Telework: Replicating in-person effects in distributed environment
  • 35:10 Work Life Balance
  • 36:55 Lightning Round: Nuclear Armageddon, Networking, Resolutions, Curiosity
  • 40:50 “Challenge yourself to go outside your network”

Reading List:


Dan Janjigian is an Olympic bobsledder, star of cult classic film “The Room”, and candidate for Congress in Texas’s 31st Congressional District.

In the video he discusses:

  • 4'33": Becoming an Olympic bobsledder
  • 14'37": Talent stacking and toolbelts
  • 19'56": Leaders eat Last and self-sacrifice
  • 25'24": Overcoming Congressional divisiveness
  • 28'04": Technology and health care
  • 30:07": Fundraising and money in politics

Around the web:


Sam Dingman, host of the Family Ghosts podcast and winner of the Moth Grand Slam. He previously worked at Google before serving as producer of the popular podcasts “Bad With Money” and “You Must Remember This.” You can find Sam Dingman at

Topics covered:

  • 4:05 First podcasting success
  • 17:35 Selecting a focused audience
  • 24:21 Timing the podcast market
  • 29:47 Advice for entering the podcasting industries
  • 34:17 What have you learned about podcasting
  • 38:51 How to succeed at podcasting

Nick Martin, Professor at Georgetown, Columbia, and George Washington University, Educator, technologist, and social entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in international development and social innovation, CEO at TechChange (, an online learning platform, and Edmund Hillary Fellow

Topics covered:

  • 1:10 How should people position themselves for success in the non-profit…

“Genius is equally spread across zip codes, opportunity is not. It is our job when we’re in positions of power to remove those barriers, and every day we should be working to that.”

Our interview with Qiana Patterson, VP of Strategic Development at HopSkipDrive

  • 4'36": Changes as the rideshare companies go public
  • 8'45": Investor blind spots
  • 15'10": Structural changes for Silicon Valley
  • 20'56": Making good hires
  • 25'52": Advice on New Years Resolutions

At the end of the year we invited recruiters to fill out a detailed survey about recruiting trends.

To gain attention among recruiters we feared we would need to go on LinkedIn and tag it “MIT Full Stack Developer Seeking Job”, but many of you kindly completed the survey without…


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